Friday, 21 July 2017

The Durham Denes

Crimdon Beach

A text came in, 'Theres a walk in the Durham Denes do you fancy it'

Hadn't seem Mikey, a fellow munrist, in a while, me'n'Mikey had been even stevens not so long back BUT now he had inched in front, he had 40 left to do I had 50 something.

'I have a bit of a problem with the Skye hills', a hired ventriloquist said 'I do' before I knew it I was signed up to do another Inn Pin trip.

We talked and walked on an old railway track down to the sea, a faded info notice told a tale of a now forgotten past of once famous Crimden Dene.

Once a popular holiday resort for miners and their families from nearby towns and villages, on account of its affordability for low-income workers, there are rumours even Hitler visited the area. During the 1960s Butlins took an interest in buying the Crimdon Dene Holiday Park there BUT Easington District Council derailed the sale while Beeching finished the job by removing the tracks.
Onto the beach, the walk was timed to allow access to some spectacular tidal sea caves, we had a lunch break to see off the rest of the tide and found a distressed seal pup, sitting out low tide, theres no social service for wild things.

The extensive caves were well worth visiting, I made a mental note to return with my DSLR and tripod, all to soon we left the beach and headed inland via a storm drain cave.

A walk of continuous interest.....

 Into the Sea Caves

 Waiting for the tide

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