Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Confessions of a compulsive weather watcher (Part Two)

Looking across to the New DG

Yesterday we had arrived at the hut in Langdale to find the occupants had just had 2 wet days, while we had been basking in the sunshine on the east side of the country so they were skeptical when I said it was gonna be brill for the next couple of days.

Next morning we all awake to blue skies and sunshine, decided to do a traverse of Lingmoor then complete the circuit back thro the valley, the views were very impressive and we had spotted some potential spots for taking photos. It also allowed us to make some notes about the timings of shadows in the valley.

The next day we were up at 06.00 the plan was to get some some sunrise shots, which were a disappointment, you can't win em all, back to the hut for breakfast.

Today's main walk was on the North side of the valley including Blea Rigg and Silver Howe. The sun eventually broke thro and this walk gave us chance to observe the timings of the shadows on the other side of the valley.

After three superb walking days so the next day was going back home, we had a lie in, late breakfast and tidied up the hut, as the predicted time approached, we wandered across to the north side of the valley, as if by magic the south suddenly lit up and we were treated to an amazing view.

II don't think it will be long before I am back in Langdale, now what is that weather forecast doing​?.

Leading lines on Lingmoor

 Hidden water feature

Pano shot

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