Saturday, 19 November 2016

I've gotta leave old Durham town. (And the leavings gonna get me down)

Wednesday afternoon on the river

One of the best things about the late warm summer nights is that you can get out walking/climbing/bouldering on an evening after work.
Its something I have done all my adult life man and boy, to me its what life is all about, that almost spiritual feeling escaping for a few midweek hours of physical outdoor excersize away from the grind of working life. Slowly watching the sun drop below the horizon then as darkness enfolds sadly its over and time to pack up and go home to normal life.
So one would expect the clocks going back would be a depressing time BUT a funny thing happens late October when is fading by three and dark by five. My interest in the counrtyside switches to the bright lights of the cities like the click a switch.
When its grim outside and dark and wet, I like nothing more than a walk round some of our magnificent northern towns and cities.
In particular I have a thing about bridges, cathedrals, stations, trains, old buildings, new buildings, still life, moving objects, old pubs, well am sure you get my jist.
The very best thing about this time of year is that we all know winter is truly on its way.........................

 Carful cropping to avoid the scaffold

 Buskers convention

 The 4.15 heading south

 Uni Campus

The 7.15 ueading north

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