Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Time Spent in Reconnaissance

Descending the ridge to Buttermere

Time spent in  is reconnaissance seldom wasted a saying that could be no further than the truth.
I try to visit quiet(er) places in August, don't visit the Lake District much cos its alway crowded did you know 95% of the visitors to our national parks never move more than 200metres form their car.......
And they all seem to want to go to the same place as me!!!!!!!
As it happened we spotted a window in the rain so drove up to our hut in Borrowdale. As usual we got the place to ourselves even in peak holiday period., I used to find this strange BUT apparently August is the month most of our members who are mainly mountaineers scatter all over the globe so it tends to be quiet for us stay at home types.
After dinner we went for a walk along the shore of Derwent Water not a very inspiring sunset BUT it was supposed to clear out for the next day. A sudden flurry of rain splattered the windows as we sipped whisky, perusing the library of climbing litriture lounging by the dying embers of the fire.
Wake up to sunshine streaming thro the window, today's plan was to scope out a potential photo of the sun setting behind Buttermere/Crumack water with Warnscale Bothy in the foreground. Last nights reading had inspired me and I was drawn to exploring Great Round Howe a crag I had walked past many times but not actually climbed on.
A light rack was packed alongside the cheese sandwichs.
Not the earliest of starts BUT we wern't late either, at Buttermere village parking there were few parking places free, Gatesgarth qas complete so I had to sneak into a roadside pullout. It always amazes me why folks drive past pull outs to the pay carpark.
Our walk started along Warnscale Bottom taking the right hand branch footpath leading up to Warnscale Bothy. Its real neat sleeps maybe three and had 2 pepes in residence.
There were a lot of folks on the surrounding footpaths, our cameras acted as a magnet to several teams who would have normally walked on by.
We crossed the main Haystacks/Coast to Coast path up to Great Round Howe, suprise , suprise at last we got somewhere to ourselves.
Did a couple single pitch climbs on superb rock, I feel my inner self come alive on the fantastic friction with edges just where you wanted them.
H then decides she wanted to climb Haystacks which was not part of the original plan, its afternoon and we meet dozens of tired C2Cers and the inevitable, Do you know how far is it to Cherry Blossom Cottage? has it got a bath....? are we nearly there yet?
Our final hill would be Fleetwith Pike via a banana stop at Dubs Quarry Bothy, Jekyll and Hyde hill this one, boring from Honister BUT has thee bestest footpaths in the Lakes down the ridge to Buttermere.
Great day out, back to the hut, another team of three old friends have turned up so its a lively catch up evening.
Next morning we wake up to the pitter patter of rain.
Time to go home BUT 'I'll be back' to spend a night at Warnscale sometime round next summers solstice.

Warnscale Bothy all thats missing is a sunset

Extract from the FRCC guidebook

 H topping out on Great Round Howe

Overlooking Great Gable 

How far is it to Rosthwaith

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