Thursday, 29 September 2016

Its London Calling

Follow the Bubbles to St Pauls

Yes once again variety is the name of the game so heres something completely different, yes a city walk, hope you like the photos.
I am not a big fan of London, when we had a request a request to assist offspring move house from Lewisham to Sevenoaks I volunteered and thus accruing ‘Brownee points’ with that fictitious God that still lives in the back of my mind.
Our tight agenda allows us a few hours for a London walk, bags dumped at a building site on Black Friars Bridge, long story.
There is a lot of pretention in this world, of which the Tate Modern, our first stop, has more than its fair share. I love the irony of a magnificent cathedral scale building housing the gallery, its artistic contents paling into insignificance, tucked into little corners of the great wide open spaces .
I'd like to think I have an modicom of artistic appreciation BUT the only exhibits I found remotely interesting are a couple of old black and white prints of 1970's Newcastle. Like many before me I have to ask what is the point of it all. In these days of austerity could we not find a better way of using the £86 million yearly running costs of the Tate Modern.
I am keen to get some photos of the city from a high level vantage point, one of the reasons for visiting the Tate was to gain entry to the roof gallery, a very impressive viewpoint and popular price!!!!!!!
Onwards over the Millenium Bridge towards St Pauls, its heaving with, humanity the more I see of humanity the more I love my dog, well if I had a dog!!!!!
Ive decided one of the few things I like about London is St Pauls it got class, its a pleasure to sit at its base taking a water break, watching a big screen of the Brownlee brothers winning gold and silver in the triathelon, more class!!!!!!!
All too soon our brief window to explore is over, we are whisked off to Lewishan for 2 hard days labour, Gardening, house cleaning, decoratiing and furniture moving.

The Millenium Bridge

 View from the top't Tate

 Tate exhibit

 Reflections of St Pauls

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