Monday, 10 October 2016

Dusk and Dawn over the Langdale Pikes

Dusk over the Langdale Pikes

After a superb day out walking and scrambling in the Langdale Pikes, we descended from Harrison Stickle I noticed Blea Tarn nestling in its hanging comb and took a couple of shots. We returned to our digs Blea Tarn had struck a cord in my mind se we had a quick meal and decided to go up to Blea Tarn to take some sunset shots.
The classic view of Blea Tarn is from close to the lakeside which is where everyone takes the photo, they have even put a car park there cos all the photographers cars clogged the narrow road. I was looking for a different angle so we went for a walk up the slops of Mart Crag.
The view from here is superb it drew my attention to the potential views from neighbouring Side Pike so that was our next stop. By now dusk was falling so after a short walk it was time for us to return to the valley BUT we decided to return for sunrise.
04.00hrs saw us starting the walk up Side Pike the sunrise was dissapointing so we concentrated of the sun striking the summits and crags on the Langdale Pikes. We worked our way up to the summit finding several decent shots then backtracked as the sun climbed into the sky.
Back at the hut for a breakfast at 08.00hrs a days rock climbing was on the agenda for the rest of the day. 

Highlighting the crags

First light hits  

We found a wall as a subject

 Looking down on Blea Tarn from Harrison Stickle


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