Saturday, 29 October 2016


Eek Just looked at my last few entries on here and they are all all landscapes so here is something a bit different.

I was struggling with ideas for my first ever 'Altered Reality' photo competition.

I have always said that one of the very best things about using Mountaineering Club huts is that you meet fantastic interesting people, so this guy turns up, he's got plenty off like most scousers. He's a fellow climber, an artist and a builder who has been a millionaire and lost it all, we hit it off straight away.

He lets it slip that he used to be a John Lennon lookalike when he was a lad, he was 64 at the time, I looked closely and see a vague likeness BUT hey non of us have ever seen a photo of a middle aged Lennon. The wheels in my mind start whirling round and I ask him if I take take a portrait of him for an altered reality project and he agrees.

I processed the photo, the number 64 stuck in my mind so called it 'Imagine'

I rarely put any comp photos on here, this one got nowhere but it was my first attempt and its got a good story..................

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