Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Great Escape

Late Evening at Kings Cross Station

After two hard days house moving , cleaning, decorating etc we opted to catch a late train north cos it was cheap this would give us an opportunity for another walk round London during the day.

It was Sunday, several sections of the underground were stopped for maintenance making it a good day for walking in London. We managed to get close to Hyde Park, walked tho to get to the Natural History and Science museums.

As we approached we were once again faced with masses of humanity everything was so crowded, big queues to enter, I was not happy.

Much impressed with the entrance to the Natural History museum after that it went downhill. Most of the famous exhibits I had been so looking forward to seeing looked dog eared and tired, it was obvious they had not been dusted for decades.

Over to the Science Museum I guess I was expecting something special so I was shocked as all the national museum have gone down the same old, same old cheapo display methods on floor after floor after floor.

You are directed round a series of brightly colored display placards each with distincly average photo(s) and supporting text, add a couple of interactive computer screens and they call it an exhibition........

Very cheap, no labour required, very very boring.................

Our plan is to get something to eat so in Soho so we walk via Westminster passing a traffic jam in Picadilly circus. It seemed to be caused by a flotilla of matching black Ferraris with Range Rovers front and back, driven by what looked like arabs, all very strange........

As usual after four days I have had enough of London, a great feeling of relief overwhelms me as the train pulls out of Kings Cross.

 The incredible entrance to the National History Museum.

Its 22.00 hrs on a Sunday evening and this is the queue for Platform 9 3/4 of Harry Potter fame, priceless.

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